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Your business website hosting is to important to trust to just anyone, we can provide you with a hosting plan to meet your business needs.

Understanding the differences in website hosting and the wide price range

What is Shared Hosting?

  • The huge costs of operating a server are shared between many websites, making it a more economical solution for smaller businesses that don't require a lot of resources.
  • Most bargain basement hosting companies end up placing far to many websites on a shared server than it is capable of handling.  This is done to offer low pricing and increase their profit potential.  The unsuspecting customer is attracted to the low priced hosting and doesn't understand the consequences of being on an overloaded server.
  • The plus side is cheap hosting, the downside when you place 2000 to 3000 websites on a server is poor performance.  If there is a server failure it can take several days to restore all the websites on the server.  Think about it, no web site and no e-mail for several days, can your business afford that to save a few dollars in hosting.
  • We offer shared hosting but try to balance the cost vs. the number websites hosted, this allows us to maintain good performance at a reasonable price.  We do not recommend using a shared server to host a website that requires the use of a database.  A database driven website requires more resources from the server and can result in poor performance in a heavily shared environment.  Call: 800-726-4310

Semi-Dedicated Hosting

  • Semi-dedicated hosting is a server with a very limited number of websites hosted on it. It is carefully balanced for superior performance and has much greater configuration options.  Semi-dedicated hosting is ideal for larger high traffic websites as well as excellent for database driven websites.  We can offer you a semi-dedicated hosting solution for your website.  Call: 800-726-4310

Dedicated Server

  • A dedicated server is for the very large high volume website that requires maximum space and bandwidth.  A Dedicated server offers the most flexibility, including choice of operating system, hardware, etc.    Call: 800-726-4310
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