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Choosing a Website Design Company

I know your first thought is this information is biased, and it is, but it may get you thinking about what really is important to you and your company when choosing a web designer.

You first need to understand that a website can be very complicated just like any technology based application.  A website takes on many different skill sets that are all brought together seamlessly in your browser. 

  • Web Graphic Designer
  • HTML Layout Designer
  • Code Programmer
  • Database Developer
  • Search Engine Optimizer
  • Copyrighter

The list above doesn't even take your extended content needs into account like:

  • Product Photography
  • Employee Headshots
  • Video and video editing
  • e-commerce

Ongoing Updates
One of the most important things to be aware of is that most web builders only do just that, build them, not maintain them!  Most of the calls that we get are from people that can't get there web developer to make a change on the site.  They only want to build it and move on to the next, if they don't plan on maintaining the site they don't have to worry about  how well they build it, in other words they can be sloppy with the underlying code and let the next person deal with it.

We're in business with you for the long haul!
We plan on keeping you as a customer for a long time, that is why we build your website to go the distance and allow us to quickly perform content and design changes, we build it and maintain it!

Lets talk about hosting your new website...


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