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Don't make the mistake of creating your website for yourself, create it for your customers...

 A business website needs to be clean, concise, easy to read and easy to navigate, these are the sites visitors return to regularly.  The primary focus must be the product or service that you offer, the website is simply the tool used to deliver that message and must do it as efficiently as possible without impairing the message or your company image.

The look of your website is a direct reflection on you and your business, it must maintain a balance between clean looks, function smoothly and posses the ability to get your message across to your visitors.  If it looks homemade it will cast a very unprofessional image on your business, if it is to graphical or artsy it can be a distraction from the message that you are trying to convey. It can also be more difficult to navigate and more time consuming to update information on the site, thereby increasing maintenance costs.

Save the fancy stuff for your personal website... Avoid the use of "Flash" "Java" or any type of animation unless it is appropriate for the type of site; even at that use it in moderation, it typically adds little to no real value to your site, is slow to download and is a distraction from the real content; not to mention most of your visitors will find it annoying.  Exceptions can be made to the use of "Flash" if it is used in a way that adds value as in a product demonstration or when giving visual instructions.

Colors convey emotion, your choice of colors should reflect the message or feeling you want to convey to your visitors, we will work closely to determine the proper colors for your website.


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