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What you should know about CMS

CMS (Content Management System)

For some, but not for everyone!

Website developers like to boast that their CMS is the "end all" when it comes to managing your website, well it's not true!  They do this because they don't provide any service after the sale and they want you to think you can do it all yourself and save money.

Even the best CMS (including ours) have limitations and can't compare to what a professionally  trained web developer can do.  This includes systems that we work with costing over $10,000.

Fact: What you can do using a CMS, we can do faster, what's your time worth?

So who is a CMS for and why do we offer it if it's so bad?

CMS is not bad if used for the right customer with the right support.

For a website that has pages that need frequent and simple content updates and you have the time to do them yourself, a CMS can be a blessing.  However, if you don't have the time or the page layouts are more complex, you are better off having us manage the pages, and you use your time more wisely.

Never get involved with a CMS without the backup support of a professional website developer.

Conclusion:  A content management system (CMS) is good if you have frequent page updates and have the time to do them.  BUT only with the support of a professional website developer that specializes in content management and is available to do the more complex updates or fill in for you when you can't do them.  Call us!

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